Quait (one)

Quait is a journal of concrete & formal poetry. Each issue is dedicated to a specific poetic form, and issue one features 15 'dicotyledons' by a number of poets. A dicotyledon typically comprises two words that differ by one letter. For instance 'previous' & 'precious'. The name comes from botany, meaning a seed that contains two embryonic leaves.

Aram Saroyan
Julie Johnstone
Alec Finlay
David Spittle
Richard Skelton
Gerry Loose
Ira Lightman
Kevin MacNeil
Greg Thomas
Stephen Nelson
Alistair Peebles 
Ken Cockburn
Jeff Hilson 
Kathryn Gerard 

Price: £10

Numbered edition of 25o, hand-bound paperback
edited by Luke Allan in Edinburgh, July 2013
ISBN: 978-1-909744-07-3