Jerome Rothenberg

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Jerome Rothenberg, 15 antiphonals for Haroldo

A series of variations on English translations of Haroldo De Campos, which originated when Francesco Conz invited Rothenberg to compose texts in response to a series of large photo-portraits of Haroldo, as part of a group exhibition. Rothenberg began with phrases & lines from English translations of Haroldo’s poetry, which he responded to with loosely-rhymed soundings of his own. Originally hand-written in the margins of the photogrpahs, here Haroldo’s words appear in italics, Rothenberg’s in roman type. The result, a series of translations or transcreations, is another instance of what the poet has termed ‘othering’.

Numbered edition of 25o, hand-bound paperback
Edinburgh: sine wave peak, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-909744-06-6

About the author 

Jerome Rothenberg is an American poet, translator, and anthologist. His work has explored primitive and archaic poetry, sound poetry, found poetry, visual poetry, and collaborations. He has edited numerous anthologies of experimental & traditional poetry and performance art. Throughout his literary career, Rothenberg has explored and been influenced by global cultural movements including the Dadaists, North American Indian culture, Japanese literature, his familial connections with the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, and a vast range of tribal poetics, both verbal and non-verbal. He is probably best known for his work in 'ethnopoetics', a term he coined to express the synthesis of poetry, linguistics, anthropology, and ethnology.