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Conversations with Philosophers, edited by Luke Allan

Featuring 5 interviews with philosophers including Anthony Morgan, Mary Midgley, Jonathan Kingham, Lucille Valentine, and David Dobereiner. Respectively the conversations address the subjects of meaning, Immortalism, action, play, and ecology.

The book is a commission by the Newcastle Philosophy Society, made possible by the support of the Royal Institute of Philosophy & the National Association for Literature Development.

Edition of 150, perfect-bound paperback
Edinburgh: sine wave peak, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-909744-08-0

The contributors

Anthony Morgan runs public philosophy groups through the NPS, exploring themes such as nihilism, idleness, and mental health. He currently lectures in the history and philosophy of psychology at Northumbria University.

Mary Midgley is a moral philosopher best known for her work on science and animal rights. She was a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Newcastle University from 1962 until '80. Her publications include Beast And Man (1978), Animals And Why They Matter (1983), Science as Salvation (1992), and The Ethical Primate (1994). She is one of the UK's leading philosophers.

Lucille Valentine was raised on farms in the Western Cape of South Africa and later moved to Newcastle where she completed a Creative Writing Masters. She currently works in Newcastle University's Business School.

David Dobereiner trained as an architect in London then taught architectural design in the USA and Canada for 19 years. From 1976 to ’82 he practiced architecture in Nepal. In 1996 he won an International Design Competition for a Bioclimatic House in Tenerife. His book The End of the Street: Sustainable Growth within Natural Limits was published in 2006.

Jonathan Kingham studied philosophy at university of Stirling.